andrew prior
My approach to teaching creative practice is to learn through doing. In order to get students learning the use of Bézier curves, Adobe Illustrator, fill and stroke, etc. I ask them to produce a self-portrait in the style of Julian Opie. This is mine.

Andrew Prior is a designer, artist, musician and educator. He received his PhD from Aarhus University in 2015. He has exhibited and performed internationally, including New York, Tokyo, Aarhus, Roskilde, Brno and Žilina. Recent publications include a ‘The Crackle of Contemporaneity’ in Futures of the Contemporary (2019) edited by Paolo de Assis and Michael Schwab, and ‘Temporal Poetics in Thomson and Craighead’s The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order‘ in Passepartout, Journal of Art Theory and History (2019).  As a graphic designer and animator, he has worked with Liminal, Fourway Lab, PlayHard, GoingPublic and Centrica.