Futures of the Contemporary


Co-authored with Ryan Nolan and Geoff Cox, this chapter is part of the book, Futures of the Contemporary (2019) edited by Paulo de Assis and Michael Schwab, Leuven University Press.

The text contributes to discourses on contemporaneity, moving beyond the broad question “What is contemporaneity?” to consider more acute ways in which this condition can be traced and signalled.

It further builds understanding of planetary-scale assemblages, the subjective experience of such invisible architectures and the signal-traffic that traverses them, through the analysis of Howse and Miyazacki’s work, of hauntology, and in engaging with electromagnetic phenomena and their orchestration with network technologies.

The texts enhances understanding of artistic research as an epistemological mode, and media archaeological methods as artistic modes, challenging distinctions between textual and practice approaches to research.