Thimble Taps

Thimble Taps is a remix I made in 2009 for an album called Cortical Songs. The album was conceived by PRS New Music Award winners John Matthias and Nick Ryan, and featured my remix alongside the work of Thom Yorke, Marcus Coates, Jem Finer and others. The video above was directed by David Madigan, and used my track. The record label Nonclassical describes the whole album like this:

Cortical Songs was shortlisted for the 12th (US) Independent Music Awards. The album was voted No.5 in the top 10 Classical Albums of 2009 by Timeout Chicago, described by the New York Times as “moody and lovely”and by NME as “…One of the year’s most refreshing listens”. Thom Yorke chose to open his recent DJ set on XFM with his own remix of Cortical Songs